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Telpro Service Delivery Platform: Activation

Control Network Devices for Activation & Billing

Telpro SDP’s built-in Activation Engine allows it to communicate with network devices and implement many of the standard, critical operations for telecommunications operators today. The Activation Engine is a scriptable, multi-protocol module that simplifies communication with network devices and Element Management Systems (EMS). Telpro SDP provides customers the ability to control network devices and retrieve information through configurable Web Services API’s or clean, intuitive browser interfaces for end users.

Common applications for Activation / Mediation include:

  • Service Activation (connect, disconnect, add/remove features)
  • Billing Audits / Revenue Assurance
  • Non-Pay Disconnect/Re-connect
  • Network Discovery

Telpro SDP has communication support for all major network protocols in use with telecommunications devices today. It also pre-built interface libraries for hundreds of devices ranging from traditional Class 5 switches to access nodes to DSL devices to intelligent PON optical network terminals (ONT) / network interface devices (NID).

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