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True GIS, Built to Scale your Operational Support System

At the heart of every Operational Support System is a database containing the critical information necessary to operate and maintain the communications network. It is the single most important element in the OSS infrastructure, without which no other component can function properly. SpatialBASE is the foundation for the CADTEL family of products, serving as the database of record for all Outside Plant assets and plant records for the enterprise.

Based upon an industry standard relational database framework, SpatialBASE comes with a customizable data model that allows for storage of spatial data and attributes that capture the intricate relationships that can exist among data elements. Data can be queried using relational query languages, and is accessible to all other applications. With true client-server architecture, SpatialBASE serves as a robust GIS data platform offering superior performance and scalability.


  • Spatial and attribute data are stored in industry standard RDBMS
  • Extensive data import and export capabilities allow access to data from third party applications
  • Data is validated during the input process to protect data integrity


  • Delivers unlimited multi-user access to large-scale GIS databases at high speeds
  • Provides universal access to the data, allowing the creation of custom applications
  • Offers API support enabling tight integration with other OSS applications
  • Protects your investment in existing support systems

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