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Outside Plant Engineering

Outside Plant Engineering

Elevate Network Performance with GIS Engineering Tools

With more than 20 years of experience in Outside Plant (OSP) Management, CADTEL continues to be the leader in OSP Engineering tools for fiber, coax and copper networks. CADTEL’s SpatialBASE / SpatialENGINEER platform provides the most comprehensive set of OSP engineering functionality available to the modern communications engineer.

Design. Build. Analyze. Report. Maintain. CADTEL’s suite of OSP solutions provide all the capabilities necessary to create and maintain a successful and efficient OSP network.


The foundation of CADTEL’s OSP / Geographic Information Systems (GIS) platform, SpatialBASE is built with best-of-breed technology (Oracle / ESRI) to be scalable, reliable and extensible for OSP asset and GIS data. Serving as the server core for a variety of client applications such as SpatialENGINEER, Automated Network Allocation, SpatialASSIGNMENT, and SpatialNAVIGATOR, SpatialBASE provides industry standard capabilities for relational / spatial data management with special capabilities optimized for managing geographic networks.


SpatialENGINEER is perhaps the most refined OSP Engineering application available today. Leveraging the industry standard AutoCAD drawing interface, SpatialENGINEER integrates high-tech GIS capabilities, unparalleled engineering tools, and integrated assignment functionality with the classic graphical interface preferred by OSP Engineers.


The components in a modern communications network can generate and accumulate vast amounts of raw data. To make this data useful for managing the enterprise, SpatialREPORTS makes it available to a variety of user groups in a variety of forms. Reports can be analyzed and converted into information needed to support financial, regulatory and operational reporting requirements.

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