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Field Force Automation

Improve Field Technician Productivity

To be productive in the field, installation and repair technicians must have quick and convenient access to information in the central database. To meet this need, SpatialNAVIGATOR offers a Field Force Automation (FFA) module providing support for facility locate services, vehicle tracking, and service order and trouble ticket information. Customers using FFA have experienced significant improvements in the productivity of field technicians.With this module you have the ability to collect, store and display information such as vehicle location, stop time and duration as well as current speed and heading for vehicles with wireless connected GPS units.


  • View vehicles individually by type, or the entire fleet
  • Report on vehicles, locations, and activity
  • Refer to past vehicle history for insurance purposes
  • Dispatch the closest qualified vehicle to the customer
  • Reroute vehicles in real time


  • Improves personnel safety
  • Reduce travel time and costs
  • Improve customer service response times

Locate Module

SpatialNAVIGATOR’s Locate module interfaces with your state’s “Call Before You Dig” call center, allowing locate requests to be displayed and managed in SpatialNAVIGATOR both in the office and in the field via a wireless connection.


  • Automatically assign locate requests to individuals based on region
  • Assign locate personnel manually when needed
  • Route locate requests based on geography or priority
  • View locate requests sorted in various ways including by priority, assignment status, and whether the locate request is pending or complete


  • Eliminates faxing locate requests to remote offices
  • Reduces windshield time for locators traveling to central or remote locations to pick up locate requests
  • View locate requests in relation to your facilities
  • Review productivity of locators in the field

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